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Monday, May 13, 2013

Kabinet itu perabot!


Correct me if I'm wrong.

A few days have past and the media(news) keep on airing on this particular issue: "No Chinese faces in the Cabinet" (In my personal opinion not really an issue)  and even MCA and Gerakan would not send their candidates;reason being did not perform in the GE13.

So what about it?

I am not entirely sure!

In my mind I keep saying "Apa masalah nya?"

For me, it is just a symbolic gesture (on the surface) so that the newly formed Government looks multiracial.Thats all!

You can say that this shows the Unity!the 1Malaysia slogan that the sixth Optimus Prime of Malaysia advertise.

I think that a minister in the cabinet would have their own portfolios, within these scopes they have to do their job(s). For instances, the Minister of Finance would regulate the country's financial,Minister of Education would foreseen the academic-thingy and etc. I mean it should be like that right?

The soon to be ministers should be elected through their credentials basis,if they can perform in that certain area,so be it,it should not based on races or ethnicity.

As long as they are honest Malaysian willing to serve all Malaysians,kan dah cukup.

Here is an article that may have the same view as I:

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