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Let's Pray Before Our Soul Is Taken!?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

From A Book!

If you're not lazy,you're not Malay
If you don't cheat,you're not Chinese
If you don't drink,you're not Indian

I'm Chinese but I'm no cheat
My friend's Indian but he's no drunk
Another is Malay but he's no slob
Chinese,Indian,Malay or Others
We are who we make ourselves to be
Not the stereotypes we're made out to be
But if we don't buck the trend
We'll forever be stamped

From a book-HONK!If You're Malaysian by Lydia Teh

Saturday, September 20, 2008


We are BORN AS ORIGINAL,unique and different from each other.
No one in this world is the same.
Even twins are different from each other.
Why are there many people want to be a copy!?

example:most of teenagers want to follow their be a rock be popular...!?

To be some one that they are not....WHY!?

Imagine that all of the people in this world are the same.
Everyone have the same face,voices and so on.
Every time you see somebody it is like you're watching a mirror,reflection because everyone is the same...
Won't we get bored...
It's kind of freaky when you think of it...

Be Yourself...Be Different!?
I'm what I'm and you're what you're