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Saturday, April 27, 2013



No,this post is not about Pakatan Rakyat, it would be on the 55 year old Government whereby they might go on ruling for another 5 years or so,after all Democracy in action they would say.

IF the Pakatan Rakyat prevails in this coming election (PRU13), the Dacing symbolizing balance or in Malay keseimbangan should keep calm and chill la bro. Show your showmanship,don't be a sour grape loser. To lose in a way is winning.

Bukankah ada hikmahnya.

Unless,they are afraid of being charged of Jeng,Jeng,Jeng..okay mere speculation.

The Dacing should reflect on themselves,why they have lose!Please do reflect hard!I mean really hard!Now is the right and ripe time.

Reflect on why the votes did not favor them.

Ask the WHY?as we already know the WHO and later on HOW!to win Putrajaya back again,
As deep down in their heart,as they have always known that they should have UBAH along time ago.

They should not raise the white flag but instead rise up,make the coalition's Blue flag fly higher and stronger.
As I really believe for politics in Malaysia to mature thoroughly there should be a healthy competition,a positive atmosphere for check and balance. As the Party (both sides),suppose to be the voice of the Rakyat. After all,politics should benefit the Rakyat most!

I really love the saying by Encik Abe Lincoln "Government of the people,by the people,for the people,shall not perish from Earth"

Ironically,the aspiration of Encik Abe Lincoln was not made entirely.

Later on,while the Rocket sudah sampai ke Bulan failed to fufill the Rakyat expectation then the previous government now opposition can blast them however they suit.

Please,be matang!!NO PORN etc.Blast them with facts!We,the Rakyat shall not tolerate violence and dirty politics...

This post is dedicated for the UMNO led coalition due to they never failed (yet) in the general elections.IF THEY FAILED...

#UBAH lah sebelum terlambat,mungkin,mungkin PRU13 ini tidak boleh diselamatkan kerana nasi sudah jadi bubur tapi UBAH lah di masa hadapan!

P/S by the way,same goes to the Pakatan Rakyat,the battle continues after losing or winning PRU13.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


a think to ponder

Is the Government afraid of the Opposition?

If so why?

Do they fear that the Opposition will doomed us all?

Lead us to poverty and destruction?


Ada udang disebalik batu kah?

They don't want the people how many bad things that they have done during their tenure of powership.

The papertrails that will lead to it.

After all documentation and paperwork is important!

For me,personally

I don't think that the Government should be afraid of the Opposition.

Be afraid of THE RAKYAT!

The Opposition claims that they are the Voice of the RAKYAT!

So be it....

Let them take Putrajaya!

Bring GOOD CHANGES to the people, keep your promises by doing the BEST FOR THE RAKYAT

And if the Opposition (now the Government) FAILED! The Government (which is now the Opposition) could bombarded, slandered them however they like...

In a GOOD MANNER WAY la (with proof and etc)...

Like all this time they have not been doing it...oppss (implement on both sides)

Showing that all this while they have been running the office much better.

Showing that the people choice was wrong.

 The Rakyat with our voting power can change that (again)

So why not give them a chance!

or are we that afraid?

So Government don't be afraid of the Opposition but be terrified of the RAKYAT POWER!

P/S Raw Political Power in the hands of those who have no need of it themselves will be used for the good of the many -Hussein Abdul Hamid-

P/S2 This is an old post that needed the right time to be posted XD